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Production Pipeline Management Solution

WORMHOLE is a process management tool for systematically and integrated management of all project progress. 

Through WORMHOLE, you can get the effect of efficient cooperative production management, production base reduction, and cost reduction, and the created Assets DB will help to shorten work time and realize high quality.


Spreadsheet-like data grid

Online spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets 

Easy configuration for task management

Helping convert CG task list into digital data 

No more sharing Excel documents 

about wormhole


Providing task list keeps changing in real time as the project progresses

Providing observer feature to check team member's schedule and amount of work


Provisional editing and on-screen feedback

Drawing and annotating feature for feedback and playing multiple videos in the sequence seamlessly without encoding  

Providing tablet pressure sensitivity for drawing and video
playable by changing versions

Full HD Video (4000Kbps) compatible 

Mobile review (IOS)

Checking user's tasks waiting for review available on mobile  

Drawing and annotating available on mobile   


Issue tracker

Efficient issue tracking features support for irregular business processing 

Providing drawing and annotating feature for videos and images 

Maya plugin

Managing Maya file’s update history

Working with Reference Editor of Maya and keeping the reference data up-to-date  


Statistics and financial settlement

Output of progress against plan by project

Output of budget planning and excution results

Providing performance indicator for users

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