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The youger travel

This content was developed as a training program for prevention and improvement through pleasant travel stories of patients with dementia disease in the face of an super-aging society as content for diagnosis/improvement of cognitive function of the elderly.


・Jointly developed by C2 Monster Co., Ltd. and a group of experts in each field of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Samsung Medical Center

・Content that can be done while imagining the joy of travel with the theme of travel

・Developed by dividing each cognitive area into an integrated cognitive training program

・Various training results tailored to user needs can be analyzed and provided. ・


It is composed of scenarios to remember and imagine the excitement, pleasure, and memories of travel under the theme of travel, and is a content developed as an integrated cognitive training program for each cognitive area.


Through the joint development of a group of experts in rehabilitation medicine at C2Monster and Samsung Medical Center, we analyze and provide various training results that are faithful to user needs.

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