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C2Monster Co., Ltd. aims to contribute to securing global competitiveness by providing an efficient production integration environment to domestic and foreign content producers through the development of production process management solutions and related technologies for remote/collaboration in the digital content production field for the past 10 years. .



In addition, we plan to implement a preemptive response plan to solve various national and social problems by developing dementia improvement/prevention training programs for an aging society.


C2Monster Co., Ltd. aims to create an environment where people can freely create contents by establishing an environment where people and people, companies and companies can collaborate systematically and efficiently with each other through ICT convergence and complex technology.


We aim to create people-centered values ​​by developing technologies and contents with social value.



2022년 01월 : 청춘만세, 행복한 일주일, 메타360-기억 산책  ,Google Play 출시
2022년 02월 : 경기도 치매예방사업 디지털 프로그램 사용 시범사업 선정
2022년 11월 : 2022 기술세미나 (웜홀+블랙홀)


August 2021: Participated in SIGGRAPH2021 Virtual (World's Largest Computer Graphics Conference & Exhibition)
June 2021: Announcement of new version of 'Wormhole 2' Domestic seminar held simultaneously on/offline (Seoul)
May 2021: First clinical demonstration of “The Happy week (product name)”, dementia cognitive training program, Inje University Ilsan Paik Hospital
April 2021: Selected as the 2021 Small and Medium Technology Enterprise Project Promotion Support Project by the Film Promotion Committee
January 2021: Completed the first clinical demonstration of the dementia cognitive training program “Long live the youth (product name)” Gachon University Gil Hospital and Inha University Hospital


November 2020: Participated in K-Cloud Scale Up Summit 2020

November 2020: Participated in k-Dementia 2020

December 2020: Participated in the Fall Conference of the 2020 Cognitive Intervention Society


Feb. 2019: Received the Minister's Award at the New SW Product Awards

February 2019: Participated in the 2019 Dementia Response Strategy International Conference 'ICT New Technology Experience Expo'

Mar. 2019 : Participated in 'GDC2018' (SAN FRANCISCO/USA) jointly visited by KOCCA (government organization)

June 2019 : Participated in 'K-Contents Expo' in Thailand

June 2019: Participated in Gangwon-do Metropolitan Dementia Center

June, 2019 : Korea Information and Communication Technology Association-Software Quality Certificate 1st Grade Certification

July 2019 : Participated in SIGGRAPH2019 (Los Angeles)

September 2019: Participated in '2019 Smart Contents Russia-CIS Emerging Market Pioneering Project'

September 2019: Participated in the 'Dementia Overcoming Day' event at the Central Dementia Center

September 2019: Participated in 'Smart Content Middle East Emerging Market (Turkey)'

October 2019: Nominated for the President's Award at the Korea SW Grand Prize at the New SW Product Awards

November 2019: Dementia cognitive training program 'Meta360' launched in Korea


June 2018 : Participated in 'Singapore Echelon Asia Summit 2018'

Jul. 2018 : Participated in Korea-India 'Mobile Contents Road Show'

Aug. 2018 : Participated in 'Digital Taipei Consultation' in Taiwan 2018

September 2018: Participated in 'Dementia Overcoming Expo' on the Day of Overcoming Dementia

October 2018: Participated in 'ASEAN-Korea Digital Contents Conference 2018'

October 2018: C2monster 2018 product presentation

November 2018: Participated in the 2018 Korea-Saudi 'Smart Contents Road Show'

November 2018 : C2Monster Shanghai product presentation

December 2018: Participated in '2018 INDIA JOY'

December 2018 : Participated in 'ASIA Siggraph 2018'


February 2017: Signed cooperation agreement with global VR game companies such as Skonec Entertainment and HeroDream

Mar. 2017 : Signed NDA with ChaosGroup (Bulgaria) to proceed with this contract for global business

June 2017 ; “The Younger Travel” Google Play Korean, English and Chinese released

Aug. 2017: Participated in SIGGRAPH2017 Los Angeles exhibition

August 2017; Participated in BCWW2017 Korea-Iran Cultural Technology Forum

November 2017; Participated in the 2017 Korea Joint Pavilion at CHTF (China Hi-Tech Fair) in China

December 2017: Participated in India Smart Content Roadshow 2017

December 2017; Received a citation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism


May 2016: Received the Excellence Award from the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning

June 2016 : Announcement of the Asia Network Conference for Campus Asia in Korea, China and Japan

July 2016 : Participated in SIGGRAPH2016 Anaheim/Los Angeles exhibition

July 2016: WORMHOLE integrated product development and global cooperation contract with Perforce, USA

August 2016: Selected as Inno-Biz by Small and Medium Business Administration

November 2016: Participated in InterBEE2016 in Japan, Korea Pavilion at 2016 China High-Tech Fair

December 2016: Signed a strategic cooperation contract with VSOChina in China for computer clouding + WORMHOLE service

December 2016: Participated in the Korea-Iran Creative Culture Industry Forum Cooperation Exchange

December 2016: Participated in Beijing Biz Matching/IR, a company selected by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning K-Global 300


March 2015: Participated in GDC2015 SAN FRANCISCO/USA exhibition jointly visited by KOCCA (government organization) and presented “WORMHOLE 2015” product

June 2015: Contract for Mobile-based 3D App development/production with 吉林炫通网络科技股份有限公司

August 2015: Participated in SIGGRAPH2015 Anaheim/Los Angeles exhibition jointly visited by KOCCA (government organization) and presented “WORMHOLE 2015” product

August 2015: Selected as a task for the KOCCA (government agency) “Development of continuity authoring tools to enhance the completeness and productivity of 3D animation <Biclones> and development of integrated production technology with Digital Assets Store”

September 2015: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning “Development of an authoring tool and 3D creative app (APP) integrated platform technology linked with the Digital Assets Store in the SNS environment”

November 2015: Participated in HI-TECH FAIR ShenZhen/CHINA exhibition jointly visited by KOCCA (government organization) and introduced ‘WORMHOLE 2015’ product

December 2015: Selected as a promising company in ICT field by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (K-Global 300)


July 2014: Joint development with the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning “Functional game for the improvement and improvement of cognitive function in the elderly”

August 2014 : KOCCA (government agency) completed Development of real-time clouding technology for large-capacity 3D animation remote/collaborative production process management”

August 2014: Participated in SIGGRAPH2014 Vancouver/CANADA exhibition and presented “WORMHOLE 2014” product

September 2014: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning “Development of WORMHOLE advanced technology for digital content creation in cloud environment” support project completed


July 2013: Participated in SIGGRAPH2013 Anaheim/USA exhibition and unveiled “WORMHOLE 2013” ​​product

September 2013: Changed company name from Core ENT Co., Ltd. to C2Monster Co., Ltd.

October 2013: Contract for joint development/production of contents for history education with Visang ESL Co., Ltd.


March 2011: Established CG VFX Enterprise Technology Research Center certified by government agencies

June 2010 - March 2014: KOCCA (government agency) Digital content production pipeline development project selection/completion Total 4.5 billion-3 year project

November 2009: KISTI (Government R&D Institution) Super Cloud Computing Rendering Technology Development and Service Support (Take Off, Dino Mom, etc.)


November 2003 : Established Core Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Dec. 2003: “Softimage” “Alienbrain” exclusive supply right contract in Korea Nov. 2004: KIPA (Government Agency) 3 billion Linux-based render farm construction

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