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C2Monster Co., Ltd. is providing commercial service

by developing technology development in the field of digital content production and developing dementia cognitive training products for digital therapeutics.

Domestic and foreign content producers want to develop and provide 'WORMHOLE' a non-face-to-face integrated production management solution for remote, collaborative production, and contribute to securing their global competitiveness.

In addition, we are preparing new fields such as Virtual Production and  Metaverse that apply  ICT convergence technology with various companies.

Cognitive training programs that can prevent and improve

the various problems of dementia that are facing an aging society are jointly developed with a group of specialists in medical institutions and are commercially available.

By providing various cognitive training programs to overcome dementia, we will play a role in improving the quality of life

and finding ways to preemptively solve social problems by enhancing the vitality of the elderly and promoting healing.

​​These efforts aim to contribute to the development of

a diversified society by sharing and realizing social common values.


Contents  production 
process management tool

​WORMHOLE is a cloud content creation environment that supports collaboration.

It is an efficient and integrated manufacturing process management solution.


Cognitive training program for overcoming dementia

We provide a variety of cognitive training programs for prevention and improvement to solve the dementia problem in an ultra-aging society.

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C2Monster welcomes your inquiries.

​Please inquire about services and programs.

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